2021: New Trends in HR


HR field has taken a new turn. The new trends and strategies will make a lot more differences. Every year industry experts come up with new changes to reshape the HR industry. Likewise, experts had different plans for 2020 which changed upside down due to the dangerous pandemic crisis. HRs had to drop all the other traditional plans for the employees and had to work to keep them motivated, engaged and increase their productivity as the mode of work has changed from “physical work mode” to “WFM”.
The new trends and strategies included internal mobility programs, adopting cross-functional work strategies, transitions to remote work, focus on employer branding strategies, and adoption of a hybrid workforce model.

The internal mobility programs include facilitating many learning and development programs for the employees. This can help in upskilling or reskilling employees and be well prepared technologically for any such future uncertainties. Such programs not only benefit in organizational growth but also employees’ personal development.

The cross-functional work strategies can even otherwise have a positive impact on the organizations. Recruiters recognized the need for effective collaboration of different functional expertise to solve complex business challenges. This can help in brainstorming, the generation of ideas, and building creative solutions to organizational problems.

The remote work practice initially possessed a lot of challenges both for the employees and the employers. But with the progress in adopting the new normal, HRs realized the requirement for adoption of digital infrastructure and various digital programs and its impact on employee productivity.

The HR experts have shifted their focus to employer branding more during this pandemic as this reflects positively on the employee recruitment and retention process. Recent insights shared by LinkedIn says that around 63% of the talent professionals expect an increase in their employer branding or remain the same.

Digital transformation from the traditional practices has benefited the entire business market very well and with the progress, most of the HR experts have decided to adopt hybrid workforce models. The hybrid workforce also helps in reducing talent acquisition and office costs.


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