2021 Prediction for AI, RPA, and Automation


The year 2020 was a roller coaster ride for all the people. There were a lot of technological changes happening this year in every business sector. Starting from healthcare to manufacturing, business, automobile, and education, everything took a different direction in a single year. No one has ever taught of people staying at home on lockdowns and work and learn through remote modes.

As the pandemic hit the normal living and the protocols and fear of this were increasing, companies and businesses were converting to AI, automation, and RPA to solve problems that don’t have a solution without technology. As more and more people use technology, the more will be the revenue hikes. There was a sudden increase in revenue in 2020 in the AI, automation, and RPA sector and it is related to things that will help to go in the same upward direction in 2021 also. Along with this, new technologies and features will also be invented.

Workplace boost in Automation and Augmentation

We all know the fact that automation had a long year in 2020, and more and more is predicted to come in 2021. Automation has become an essential name as it facilitated more applications and features in the past year. In the coming year, more companies will be adapting and growing in the field of automation to help with the workplace for both location-based, physical, or human-touch workers and knowledge workers working from home. This automation will be proving with automation for intelligent document extraction, customer service agent augmentation, return-to-work health tracking, or semiautonomous robots for social separation.

IPA along with RPA into the picture

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) combines with the automation capabilities of Robotic Process Automation and AI and uses trial-and-error learning capabilities of machine learning and fundamental process redesign. These advanced technologies will make a revolutionary effect on business efficiency and strategy in 2021.

High-end connection and predictions in healthcare

The Healthcare industry has never taken advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it is taking now as the pandemic stuck. The year 2020 has attracted all the possible sectors to show concern in medicine. Everyone tried their part in healthcare by controlling or helping to control the outbreak of coronavirus. In 2021, the healthcare sector will focus more on the technical part of medicine. AI is expected to create the best connection between healthcare providers, patients, and hospitals. AI will provide a layer of intelligence that can’t be matched by human interventions. AI will also help in providing guesses on which type of medication will be most effective and which provider is appropriate.


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