4D Sight’s AI Platform Delivers Ads in Sports and Esports Videos


4D Sight announces the rollout of its AI and cloud-based content monetization platform. 4D Sight is a participant in the elite UC Berkeley SkyDeck accelerator program. The platform of 4D Sight integrates non-intrusive, native ads into live-streamed and pre-recorded sports and esports videos in real-time.

For the upcoming Call of Duty League, this solution is already being used by Activision Blizzard. To monetize and enhance the Livestream gameplays using the platform is done by 140+ esport teams.  Many traditional sports, prestigious leagues, and teams were paused by COVID-19 which includes the Washington Football Club and has turned to the 4D Sight solution to increase their ad capacity.

4D Sight also announced funding with early investments from William Hockey, Co-founder, Plaid; Kai Huang, Co-founder, Guitar Hero; UC Berkeley SkyDeck Fund; and Michael Dubin, Co-founder, and CEO, Dollar Shave Club, among others. Many sports fans have avoided venturing out into the physical world during the pandemic.

According to eMarketer’s US Esports 2020 report, advertisers are looking even more seriously at the virtual world for revenue. 4D Sight embeds and targets contextual ads without breaking the content flow for sports and esports streams. Media rights holders can use the solution is extremely easy and cost-effective manner. All overhead and integration costs have been removed from the native ad insertion process by the platform. 

Special hardware like green screens, game production crews, cameras, or game engine integration is not necessary.  For processing and placing the ads, clients easily reroute streaming content through the 4D servers. It is also used for extracting insights from tracking user conversions and brand safety measures. It takes only 0.4 seconds for all of these to happen as the algorithms are incredibly fast.

When there may be an extra-exciting moment in highlight reels or even in real-time is recognized by 4D Sight’s AI. This recognition is based on the body movements and determines when and where to place the ads which can be directly into the stream of the game. There was no previous monetization opportunity but these in-context ads can create revenue.

As per Erhan Ciris, 4D Sight CEO and Founder, new revenue streams are offered to the content creators which empower them and it won’t jeopardize the audience experience such that the creators can thrive. The content, audience, and brand equity are hurt due to interruptive ads as they are forced and irritating. 4D Sight builds trust and long-term loyalty with digital communities by placing ads in context.


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