5 informative web analytics blogs to refer to


I thought today instead of writing on any specific topic, let me pull out 5 informative web analytics blogs I have come across which can be useful to those who wish to make a career in online and digital marketing.

Web Analytics World – The web analytics blog site authored by Jump Digital assist those who aspire a career in online marketing. There are about 3 posts a week on topics related to web analytics trends, tools and best practices. It provides useful information on Google analytics, Adobe tools etc as well as job opportunities.

Business Analytics – A blog started by SAP executive employee Timo Elliot brings out latest from the world of business analytics and social media covering broad range of topics. The blog discusses areas like augmented corporate reality, concerted decision-making and social network analysis.

Google Analytics Blog – It is the official blog from Google talking about how Google web analytics analytics tool can be used to derive insights on web traffic and also how to optimize traffic and impressions using those insights.

Ocams Razor by Avinash Kaushik –  Avinash is an expert in the field of Web Analytics and is the Author of the best-selling books “Web Analytics 2.0 and Web Analytics.

The Business Exchange, Business Week Analytics is technically not a blog, it has an aggregation of analytics posts and is a good reference.


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