Ahana declares managed service for Presto on AWS


Ahana was the first company focused to bring PrestoDB-based ad hoc analytics offerings to market and make work to foster growth and connect the Presto community. Ahana’s mission is to simplify deployment at large intent companies like Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and offer hoc analytics for organizations. Presto is an open-source distributed SQL query engine, with data catalogs, databases, and data lakes on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Ahana, the self-service analytics company for Presto, launched its new Presto-as-a-Service designed to reduce the deployment, management, and integration of Presto. Ahana Cloud for Presto is the only easy-to-use, cloud-native managed service for Presto, and is installed within the user’s AWS account, which offer customers complete control and visibility of their data. Ahana Cloud for Presto Gives Customers Complete Control of Multi-Cluster Formation.

The Ahana Cloud for Presto is specifically designed for AWS users, which help organization scientists and analytics to provide self-service and SQL analytics. As a cloud-native solution, Ahana Cloud for Presto takes containers, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), and is easily combined with Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) pricing in AWS Marketplace. 

Ahana Cloud for Presto service include  the following:

  • Ahana Console is easy to use  for the creation, deployment, and management of a multi-cluster compute plane developed with the advanced  practice of an in-virtual private cloud (VPC) positioned  on AWS
  • Provide Support for Amazon S3, Amazon RDS for MySQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL
  • It has a Built-in hosted Hive Metastore that manages metadata for data stored in Amazon S3 data pools.
  • Offer Support for user-managed Hive Meta stores and Amazon Glue
  • High-security capabilities including fully protected compute plane
  • Cloud-native is  highly scalable and offers a containerized environment deployed on Amazon EKS
  • It can Integrate with any business intelligence and dashboarding tool or data science notebook

With Ahana cloud’s in VPC deployed in  Amazon EKS helps to their data lakes, reduces operational costs. Ahana’s cloud-native service for Presto also offers users a fast,  OSS-based analytics solution with built  UI that helps to simplify ramp up and ongoing operations.

PrestoDB is a  SQL query engine for data engineers and analysts that offer interactive, ad hoc analytics to run on large amounts of data.PrestoDB is hosted by the Linux Foundation’s and the same project is running on a massive scale at Facebook, Uber, and Twitter. Ahana Cloud for Presto Availability and Pricing is less.

The service will be initially available for AWS, with support of  Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to be added in the future.

Therefore, Ahana Cloud for Presto on AWS will  save  hours and days across the configuration, deployment, and operations lifecycle and can also simplify and unify data analytics so users can query data directly in place across a large  data sources on AWS including Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS)  without the need to move or copy the data


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