AI 2021: Endless opportunities


AI has been influencing our future of virtuality every industry and each person on this planet, AI is being set up as the primary driver for the currently growing technologies, for example, areas such as robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data etc. As we are moving into 2021, AI will continue to keep on growing about as it is currently the principle of technological advancements pioneered for years to come.

AI is also a highlight for the upcoming “new normal” in our entire lives. As we go ahead, AI will be core intelligence of automated, robotic and contactless procedures being implemented further shielding us from any possible outbreaks shortly.

 As per the indications by the WIPO report, having monitored the current advancement of technologies through analysis of information on the areas of innovation activities, it has become evident that patenting of AI innovation the top players in this game have kept their eyes locked in geological dispersion of AI and its related patent protection and scientific publications. The very first of a series WIPO- report on AI and patent analysis was published in 2019 and to this very date remains significant in issues of AI patterns.

In the year 2021, the organization most of which are gritty will be keenly pushing AI to new boondocks, for example, holographic meetings from telecommunication and most probably on-demand, and also personalised manufacturing. This will also gamify vital planning, incorporated simulations in the meeting rooms and also seem to move into intelligent edge experiences too.

Many a fortunate laggard will be most strongly utilizing no-code automated machine learning to execute 5 or 50 or 500 AI use cases quicker, leaving behind most of their rivals proficient, and also highly proficient, entrenched data science teams that also takes customary, code- first way to deal with machine learning.

As per Rohan Amin, the CIO at Chase he stated that in 2021 we will be likely to see more refined use the machine learning languages and also AI across the widespread industries, including many financial services. There will be more and more noteworthy incorporations of AI/ML models and abilities into many numerous business operations and processed drive improving insights and help better serve the clients.


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