AI, 5G & 3D imaging technology gives a fillip to cancer diagnosis


There is a lot of modern materials to detect cancer in the body. It’s been more than 150 years since the world of science has introduced modern tissue staining to detect cancer. Even though the doctors are still diagnosing the disease much the way they did then. The observations, biopsy samples and new technologies help them to identify molecular markers like DNA mutation. Thus it helps them to identify which method of medication is more suitable and convenient to the patient.

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence has the potential to revolutionize oncology fields. There are institutes to look after the biopsies and to analyze the visual data with artificial intelligence algorithms. And these algorithms are not only used to recognize the cancer cells in the body but also to recommend a suitable course of treatment to get cured easily. This also helps to find a good doctor in a particular region, who is an expert in diagnosing the disease in the body.

The Ellison Institute is one of the famous Research Institute and they are building a new wireless 5G enabled building. This facility brings the patient and doctors together and makes it possible to follow a patient’s progress from diagnosis. Here the patients can conduct a tour to the research lapse and can communicate with the researchers about their duties and jobs.

Ellison Institute also consists of oracle computing experts and technology resources and also enables scientists to conduct computational experiments alongside their laboratory research. The 3D imaging centre in the institute helps to store massive amounts of data and reports of patients. The most revolutionary aspect of the institute’s work is still on the horizon, using Artificial Intelligence not just for diagnosis but also for experimentation. They plan to use Artificial Intelligence to interpret the complex 3D pattern and determine whether those images provide more information from 2D views. The institute is excited about applying their new methods in technologies to diagnose the disease in patients. By understanding everything about the patient and curing their disease more aptly creates a kind of satisfaction in them.


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