AI and IoT: How it influences business?


Before the introduction of autonomous drones and machine learning, James Camelon introduces ‘Skynet’, a very modern technology, artificial superintelligence network in his dream project The Terminator in 1984. ‘Skynet’ is used to replace humans with machines. Many debates came about the film franchise service series, and it was mixed with technological brilliance. There is a dilemma occurring that whether this will affect the business or not.

Another technology that has come into action on modern lives and technology is IoT which expands to the Internet of Things. Internet of Things has expanded its wings to a wider area, it not only includes making smart homes but also wearable devices, smart vehicles, and smart cities. The role of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in business is currently in its incarnated phase.

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are redefining the way businesses used to perform. Artificial Intelligence has machine learning, which provides real-time analysis and interaction between machines and humans, which is the smarter task execution. Internet of Things has improved the scale of communication between devices and humans via effective and efficient intelligent technology. The convergence of the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence makes each other’s applications different and powerful.

The merger: How Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things joined forces

IoT combines a wide variance and amounts of data through the device connectivity via the Internet and Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning is the key element that helps in combining and evaluating this data. Machine Learning is used to identify patterns and also it finds if there is any fault in the data collected, and is done through extremely advanced sensors. Essential things like stimulation to air, pollution, humidity, lights, temperature, vibration, sound, etc. are derived using this technology.

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in business

Together AI and IoT have a very much influential effect on the business as these are unstoppable forces of technology.

  • Data collection, sharing and formulating user perceptions
  • Elimination of downtime
  • Strengthening security measures
  • Automated operational efficiency
  • Helps in processing business analysis
  • Good at risk management
  • Scope for new and improved products and services


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