AI-based Remote Assessment makes taking exams safe during COVID-19


TCS launched Artificial Intelligence-based exam helper making exams comfortable.

During this pandemic of coronavirus all the schools, colleges, universities had to bring all the examinations to a big halt. Making this hard for all the institutions and students to move any further with their education. To make this current situation better, many online exams were conducted by the universities but all these exams were somewhat failing as the morality of a student while writing an exam were unknown. And this lockdown and quarantining seem to be not ending anytime soon making the educational institutions look for an alternative for conducting exams fair and square online without disturbing the rules and precautions laid down by the government for protection.

So, the company TCS has launched forth an AI-based remote assessment to help all the students to take their exams from where they are safe and sound and the remote assessment makes sure that it’s done fairly without cheating. Using this it enables the exam board to conduct free, speed, safe and secure examinations.

Key features on TCS remote assessments are;

  • At the first and basic level, the device would be locked down it could be either a smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and enables to capture exam responses.
  • In the second level, it accesses the camera of the device to capture and send the streaming video to the cloud’s central server. The videos would be analyzed using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning to spot and find out any malpractice and alert the exam invigilators if any are detected.
  • In the third level, with all these features along with the enablement of monitoring candidates in real-time from anywhere by the invigilators.

There are good benefits that one can get from the TCS remote assessments:

  • There are a great set of features for all invigilators to proctor the candidates and to take appropriate actions.
  • Evaluation of students could be done using formulas, diagrams, MCQ questions.
  • More than 50 question types could be used.
  • 5 different kinds of assessment methods are there: pen and paper, computer-based, OMR, Digi OMR, and hands-on.
  • Encryption of question paper is done and shared with students only right before the exam.
  • Scores could be published digitally.

Thus, the TCS remote assessment has a wide range of advantages and usefulness, everything is done much safer, simpler, and faster.


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