AI creates a buzz in Samsung’s Launch Event


Samsung’s recent launch event shows that the devices are increasingly focusing on the hardware components used in the phone. The company launched five new devices, but the aspect which had grabbed the attention of people was how well it has been able to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) in its phones. This topic has become the major aspect of focus for all the companies as they constantly drawing the buyer’s attention towards the internal components of the product.

Any new product launched in the market usually creates quite a lot of buzz and speculation about which product is going to make its debut often becomes the trending topic of discussion. In the past few years, a substantial amount of cell phone vendors is happy with hardware improvements that the companies have been undertaking, beyond the required quality. Now, more and more smartphones are beginning to concentrate on what’s inside the phone, as Samsung ‘s recent launch event reveals.

The business introduced five different apps, but the topic of focus was how easily it was able to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its products. In the case of S-Pen, Samsung has shown that it has been able to reduce the delay between the pen action and what appears on the device to 9 milliseconds through means of a predictive study. Each time a user uses the pen, it’s going to guess where the pointer will be going next.

Samsung also showed active noise cancellation, which again uses prediction analysis to curb out ambient noise. Samsung also made major improvements to its Bixby service in terms of voice assistants. Last year, the company launched Neon, a human digital avatar capable of holding smart conversations. Samsung, though, is not the first organization to demonstrate this technology. Earlier this year, Apple’s virtual event also focused on higher integration and more use of AI. Siri has been developed and modified into a much smarter and highly applicable virtual assistant and is gradually compatible with other utilities.

The camera feature of Apple products, for example, blends a shot with the best angles to click a perfect image. Samsung and Apple will now use their smartwatches to track safety more specifically. This also highlights the fact that the recent trends and technological advancements will be leading the users into a more futuristic technological edge that would drive innovations like a smart vehicle. However, considering the strides made in IoT, there is a significant possibility that anyone betting early on AI adoption will enjoy the greatest benefits of the smart living industry.


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