AI-driven Drones usher in a new world of opportunities


Today, Drones are been used in different areas starting from photography, videography, aqua life to defence for surveillance. It is also used for commercial purposes for real estate showings, flyover for events, etc. But then, if drones are incorporated with intelligence, then the market of drones will tend to expand enormously.

For the past few years, the market sees a rise of intelligent drones. It is also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). These drones are especially used in aerospace and defence wings.

Recently, DroneInch, a UAV automation software company, added analytics capabilities to the platforms, so that it helps more businesses take advantage of drones. The company claims that it has developed the first drone automation software that performs the entire drone operations life cycle.  The software can set automated take off, terrain-aware flying, and crash-free landing.

The latest version of DroneInch automation software is called DroneInch 3.0. The new version gathers insights from collected flight data within hours instead of days using Artificial Intelligence (AI). Drones have the capability to gather a large amount of data, but then, with the use of AI, it reduces the time to interpret the gathered information. The software runs on a Software as a service (SaaS) platform and is operated by an analytics engine, which can carry out 100 missions in a single day. Designed automation software is useful for businesses that have large-scale operations that use a drone to collect data-keeping safety rules. 

DroneInch 3.0 has the capability to upload data from drones to the cloud with a single touch (one-touch). Businesses use the collected data to gain and create industry analysis, create images, volumetric visualization, 3D models, etc. The thus obtained data can also be used in industry formats, can be integrated into third party products and services.

DroneInc 3.0 works with types of consumers, professionals. Mass production of drones is in the early stages, and they are proved to be not value-added to certain industries.

Farming and agriculture, media and telecommunications, insurance, construction, and mining are some industries that get benefitted from using drones. It is expected that global shipments of drones will reach 2.4 million by 2023.


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