AI Enable Mobile Application for Jewelry: B2B Business


The significance of Artificial Intelligence in retailing enabled by introducing a new platform in the jewelry sector. Innovated technology makes a path towards business to the business concept in the jewelry sector associate with IBM.

In this Covid-19 situation, the retailers struggle to withstand in the market, especially the jewelry sector. They are changing their conventional method of marketing and adapt to the situation. Emerald Jewellery is one of the examples for adapting to the new normal and they are introducing a new path of marketing and retailing.   

Emerald Jewellery selected IBM iX, to design, build and develop the application called Tej, which runs on IOS and android operating systems. IBM Garage Methodology and IBM Research Labs India, IBM technology, and mobile design experts are developing the technology having Visual Browse and Visual Search APIs which is hosted in the IBM cloud server. So the customers can easily understand the design and pricing by using the application. It helps to increase retail marketing without face to face interaction. 

The Emerald Jewellery and IBM collaboration moving forward and improves the application designs as per the need accordingly. The customers can select their favorite collection from the wide range. This B2B method helps to interact with the customer with the jewelry design team and they can easily understand the need of the customer. And most moving design can easily identify by this method and change their strategies accordingly. The company aimed to bring on-board hundreds of new dealers, in the coming year, now they can scale resource requirements on-demand using the IBM Cloud server. Utilizing the Tej app, any authorized dealer can start doing business with Emerald Jewellery, using technology. From the starting stage onwards, the success of Tej has been encouraging them. By collaborating with IBM iX and Emerald Jewellery team, they introduced a new methodology in marketing. The team creates the app quickly during the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. Most of the retailers are taking this pandemic situation as a challenge and they are involving the different methods of marketing utilizing technology. So the significance of technology in marketing is very big in this new normal situation and the public already adapt to technology.


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