AI-powered chatbot transforming the automotive industry


Artificial Intelligence has become a part of modern-day businesses. Industries mostly rely upon AI-driven chatbots to handle their customers by providing them the necessary assistance for query resolution. The automotive industry is also leveraging the benefits of AI to provide customer-centric solutions. They are investing in AI-driven solutions like chatbots and voice assistants to offer customized shopping experiences for its clients. According to a recent survey by the French-based MNC Capgemini, it was found that less than 50% of the automotive companies use AI-powered voice assistants or chatbots to enhance the customer experience. Also, it was found was more than 70% of the customers showed their willingness to replace their visits to a dealer with AI-driven assistants.

Chatbots have the potential to transform the automobile industry especially when it comes to customer engagement. AI-backed chatbots are capable of providing customized shopping experiences by matching customers with their preferred choices, providing swift and reliable customer services, and improved after-sale services. Several automobile companies also use AI messengers in their infotainment systems for providing enhanced customer experiences. Thus chatbots transform the automobile industry in several ways

  • Hassle-free Sales Conversations: Deploying chatbots helps dealers to reach out to large audiences, generate awareness among them as well helps them assimilate information about their prospects. This feature also enables customers to chat with the bot and pave the way for query resolutions.
  • Reduced wait times: Chatbots reduces the long waiting times of customers by automating the entire process of providing information to the buyers to make better choices for their vehicles in the comfort of their homes. Thus chatbots cater to the growing expectations of customers for personalized experiences.
  • Reduced costs: Chatbots helps businesses save over $8 billion annually by 2022 by automating the manual and people-intensive tasks such as sales and marketing, customer support, after-sales services, etc. Automating customer support can help companies save money in hiring and training of service agents and also provide faster query resolution.
  • Smooth after-sales services: Chatbots automate all the steps from enabling customers to schedule appointments and receiving the estimates in just a few seconds. It can also be used to remind customers about their vehicle maintenance through social media platforms.

Thus the chatbot revolution in the automotive industry will help save time and money as well as build strong relations between customers and dealers, leading to more customized and meaningful interactions in the future.


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