AI, the biggest mistake Elon Musk says


Artificial intelligence is the theory and design of computer systems that can perform common tasks without human intervention, but require human intelligence for visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages. It is an interdisciplinary ability with multiple perspectives. Today, the development of artificial intelligence leads to progressive changes in the division of the technology industry.

While AI has been hailed as one of the newest emerging technologies with the greatest benefits, many entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts are also seeing it as an important threat to human beings and have therefore called for more research into its integration. effects.

This article will look at insights on real AI presented by Elon Musk, Tesla and the CEO of SpaceX.

Many signatories, including Musk, have responded to their concerns about the seriousness of the AI ​​data. They think about adopting computers and the proper AI deployment that will connect people quickly. Elon Musk considers the AI ​​the most dangerous warning for humanity. He read that he’s not against numerical choice, but when it comes to AI, he has very different opinions. He also said he was watching the development of AI.

Musk says machine learning cannot be used to teach a car that drives alone to detect unusual conditions, such as detecting a plastic bag in the wind on a congested road or predicting the movement of a motorcyclist, which situations are difficult to teach a robot.

Developing robust artificial intelligence systems is a bigger mistake that could lead to conditions that threaten humanity, Musk said.

Elon Musk says the exercise of intelligence is like “summoning a demon.” He believed that intelligence could trigger a new world war and lead to global domination, and that the leadership of robots had become a global threat. He also warned that the world would not be able to escape when these AI Intelligences became governing bodies.

One of his statements said “we have to be very careful with AI, because it is more dangerous than nuclear weapons.” He also recommended exercising in moderation rather than reacting afterward.

He believes that the development of AI ​​should be done through the improvement of regulatory and regulatory frameworks. He wanted the AI ​​to control and organize even its own Tesla.

Elon Musk considers AI the most frightening problem. He also warned that AI will quickly become as smart as humans, and once that happens, those affected will survive.

He also said, he has experience working with AI, so he knows his story and you trust it. He said the world will remain in a state where AI is more intelligent than human. He also mentioned that the period of no more than 5 years of AI will rule the world and things will be shaky. Musk said that AI will be superior to humans and reach humans in under five years and that AI and robots will also control everyone’s work and do everything better than we do.

But he also says that AI is actually potentially dangerous to humanity, and humans shouldn’t cherish it. He also called on the government department to take precautions and take immediate action before it is too late.

Elon Musk works hard to save the AI ​​world, which is why he wants the technology to be developed responsibly, with proper vision and control. He wants the government to develop the teams and do it. He also said that if the government cannot, it is ready to take responsibility. In recent years, Elon has spent enormous resources on the technology industries responsible for developing intelligent hardware. However, he is believed to be working on a technology that will give humanity an acceleration in the face of the possible disaster of artificial intelligence.

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