Amazon HealthLake is a new Service for Big Data Analytics in Healthcare


Amazon Web Services has launched Amazon HealthLake, to support interoperability standards and also with the aim of increasing the use of big data analytics in healthcare. Amazon  HealthLake provides HIPAA-eligible services.

Data in Healthcare mostly available in unstructured and incomplete because it’s stored in disparate format. by taking accurate care decisions structuring of data is very crucial ie, data like clinical notes, reports from the lab, insurance claims, and time-series data, etc. Most organizations using rule-based tools to automate the process of structuring the unstructured data but sometimes it fails because the data to be normalized across different systems also tools not apt for the potential variation in spelling and errors visible grammatically.

If organizations can possibly structure their data rightly they can build their own analytical applications to find relationships in data, observe trends, and make more reasonable predictions. Many organizations see it as a costly and more complicated one so they ignore it without knowing the possibilities of big data.

Amazon HealthLake collects the entire organization’s data into a centralized data lake and standardizes it automatically with the help of machine learning techniques. Through these services, organizations can analyze data in the cloud.

In recent years there is lots of boom in digitalized health data with the advancement of electronic medical records but remain most organizations consider it as challenging because unlocking only possible with the application of technology like machine learning.

Amazon HealthLake is a new possibility to bring more personalized and predictive treatment across the entire population. It cut down the time of health data in the cloud from weeks to minutes. for a better understanding of medical terminology and index information in the timeline view and improving data in a standardized form, HealthLake uses machine learning.

For the easy sharing of data between health systems and with the third party in FHIR format, this surely provides unlimited access to patients’ medical information. Organizations can use Amazon HealthLake to develop society’s health management, quality of care, and efficiency of hospitals. ie, the future of health care transforming definitely through cloud delivery, Ml, and AI.Working parallel with AWS.Other tech giants like Google launched BigQuery Omni, a multi-cloud analytics platform in July 2020, that’s analyzed data stored in Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. There is no doubt Amazon HealthLake unlocks new insights and serves many benefits to the global population’s health.


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