Analytics deriving insights with EHR to transform healthcare


With the upsurge of electronics in society, it has become a must for the healthcare community   to utilize the personal device assistants and smartphones to provide better quality care for the patients. Electronic health records (EHRs) have played an important role in this transformation.

Even though there are opportunities in the market for improving the quality of care and the worthiness of healthcare, the challenge lies in collection and availability of high quality data. This ubiquitous data insist some steps to successfully handle it. The foremost tread focused on to develop analytics application in healthcare .This emphasized on converting clinical data from paper to electronic format. The data warehousing and analytics is imperative as EHRs collects and organize patient ­information at physician’s ­offices, hospitals, labs, pharmacies and other provider facilities. This necessitates dissection of data which is possible with the right  Enterprise data  warehouse that harness the power of separated data in both clinical and financial way.

The healthcare enterprise data warehousing enables access of EDW to real-time data. This effectualises healthcare analytics and  prioritize the improvement opportunities in a positive manner. The success of payment reform and the accountable care organization (ACO) model depends on IT and software that plays integral role to impact care and improve efficiency. There exists two data warehousing architectures that offers present health system. This includes the Enterprise Data Model architecture, commonly used  in   financial services. The late-binding, architecture on the other hand considers time-to-value and flexibility and is the most commonly implemented architecture. The application of analytics in healthcare requires the transformation of data into usable information acceptable for the end-users .The technological sophistication is imperative for increasing the efficiency, so as to provide useful services to aid clients to execute and utilize the platform for necessary applications.

The  Health Catalyst, are  providers of  analytical insights from the healthcare data warehousing. This applies principles learned at health systems in data platforms  to meet the needs of small, rural hospitals and multi-state health systems with dozens of hospitals. For these reasons analytics is successfully enacted in healthcare sector to draw insights.


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