Analytics to pave way for better Gaming experience


Analytics is all set to discover issues and coarse corrections with mobile games. Analytics has improved user experience with mobile games by putting many insights into use. In game industry analytics acquires important data from the players and analyses it to solve user experience related problems with gaming. Getting the problems corrected and updating the game forms the crucial role with analytics. There are some myths associated with analytics that leads to the misconceptions. It is usually assumed that with larger amount of data there comes high outcome. Such pile of data often tends to be meaningless if it is not worth of any value. Reporting needs to be done on a regular basis as it saves time while dealing with the mobile games and its analytics.

There is a misconception that analytics doesn’t require existing platform, this is not true as the data gathered through such platforms are enormous. There are glitches within the games analysis that has opened up many exceptions. Even the opening up of a portal has number of players working on it and there’s high possibility of external events to skew the data. Another misconception is that the information extracted from the data demands discrete computational process. After gaining the preliminary knowledge and takeaways from analytics, it requires to trove for a convenient platform. The platform must be go in coincidence with the game targets and its platform.

The platform is chosen based upon certain key considerations, the price forms the basis and is done by considering the operating systems and the supporting facilities provided with the android handsets, the website must also have an access to API features. The customization with the platform is the other key consideration before choosing the platform. For this reason Localytics became the popular platform with access to API features. The analytics process is deployed with the mobile games decides the key game cases that are mostly used in analytics. The service providers are selected and the analytics reports are been integrated to facilitate the person to go with flurry analytics and can better use necessary functions for android and the iOS. Then the metrics is being analyzed through funneling provides data for daily sessions like MAUs and DAUs. Ultimately the changes are brought to the product based upon the extracted information’s.


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