API Management in 3 Ways for Building Resilient Business


For the past few years, digital transformation and interfaces have been the primary way to interact with their customers, and maintain the business has greatly demanded the digital transformation. The path to achieving higher resilience for the business is to start with APIs also known as application programming interfaces.

APIs are software that can communicate with the other software and much new functionality is to connect the API to data and functionality including combining legacy technologies such as CRM software system with technology such as AI.API can increase operational efficiency easily. API management platform can help to leverage APIs in strategic ways. There are three ways of implementing an API management platform, which is a more adaptive and flexible business.

Reusing existing assets

With APIs Company can easily take valuable functionality and data that already exist and make it accessible and reusable, minimizing technical complexity. An API management platform performs as a connective tissue that allows those APIs and shares securely with the developers within and out of the enterprises. For example, Pitney Bowes connects the backend system with a lengthy and repeating process. With API they integrate the application to their back office.

Improving security and scalability

For digital interaction, the primary customer important point introduces scalability and security challenges to maintain a seamless experience. Scalable APIs help in service accessible and extensible. API allows companies to grow rapidly by providing API design, extensibility, and demand balancing. API allows secure third party access to the resource without password and minimize risk and exposure to security issues. It allows a business to offer a developer’s self-service to APIs.

Driving customer interactions

Due to the latest advancement in the business due to big data, machine learning, APIs and predictive analytics can help in a higher level of customer engagement in various channels.

API analytics helps in all business transactions, helping IT teams identify API and drive that majority of traffic. API can monitor the interaction that had been with the customer for higher expectations. Dashboard monitoring by API platform provides visibility into the hotspot, latency, and error rates which help the user to identify fault occur, target problem and address specific information required.

Digital transformation has become the key driver of innovation and provides operational efficiency at certain times. Nowadays developers look for APIs to get more operational efficiency, accelerate innovation, and create better customer experiences.


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