Apple continues its Future Apple Ring Invention


Apple’s latest continuation patent on Apple ring was published by the US Patent & Trademark Office this week. Once again Apple is polishing their patent claims for their future smart ring to ensure that it is properly covered legally against competitors and patent trolls.

Apple Ring is a wearable computer in the form of a ring with touch-sensitive surfaces, a camera, microphone, gesture sensors, voice-input recognition and more. For those not familiar with Apple’s future ring accessory, Apple notes that their ring is to be worn on the index finger of the user’s predominant hand. The ring may be used to control one or more external electronic devices like smart television, game console, laptop computer, tablet computer, automobile audio or any other such device.

The Smart ring may use a touchpad, touch screen, motion sensors or microphone to capture user input via touches, hand gestures or audio commands. The user can control the device using a second finger, mostly the thumb of that same hand where the ring is worn on the user’s index finger. In some cases, the device provides feedback to the user via speech or other audio or haptic feedback like vibrations.

Keeping hold of iPad and iPhone for an extended period can become uncomfortable in the market. Apple being able to set the device down on a table and interact with it using the Apple ring, would give your hands a break. There are also queries on the effect that such devices have on the human eye. It’s a well-known fact that the blue light, that comes from tablet and smartphone screens can strain eyes and disrupt sleep. But the ring would be less intrusive and a healthier way to use such devices late at night.

There is also a benefit that Apple is taking into account to user safety. In some emergencies in which a user might be at threat and accessing a phone or an iPad may be impractical or unwise or if your phone was stuck in your pocket and you couldn’t reach it, it would be difficult to contact emergency services. The ring would be an obvious answer to these problems.

The continuation-patent was published by Apple to better protect Apple’s invention against copycats or patent trolls. Apple’s follow-up patent 20200241641 published now by the U.S. Patent Office was formerly filed back in April 2020. Considering that this is a continuation patent as the timing of Apple ring to market is unknown at this time.


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