Artificial Intelligence and Ethics


Artificial Intelligence is intelligence illustrated by machines with the help of an algorithm. It’s a programmed process and the machine itself takes the decisions accordingly without any other influence.

 The enterprises are competing to increase the usage of artificial intelligence in their organizations. Artificial Intelligence helps to achieve ethical concerns such as spanning control, privacy, cybersecurity, physical safety, discrimination, and bias. The AI is completely based on the algorithm and as per the situation, do the decision making process. So the processing of decision-making remains the same as per the situation, the way that helps the organization and not delivers biased, inaccurate, or unfair outcomes.

The AI helps to implement the decision making by using the existing regulation programmed by the developer. The Washington government implement a bill of rights to ensure that we can trust the technology and mitigate the ethical concern from the grassroots of the industry.

The bill of Rights tends to protect the right of humans in the design, implementation, and development of   Artificial intelligence algorithms. The AI algorithm makes correct ethical decisions, respects privacy, and does not discriminate based on race, age, color, gender, wealth, religion, political beliefs. These are the fundamental ethics and which can easily be implemented by the AI algorithm.

The one and basic limitation is the deficiency of human intelligence. We know, that Artificial intelligence is completely based on the program and algorithm. So the given data is the only factor considered by the AI for decision making. There is some hidden factor that is needed to consider in the case of an individual, for Example, Human feelings. So It is very difficult to process by Artificial Intelligence algorithm. But in an organization, it is very helpful to fulfill the needs without any time lag and any discrimination. The upcoming future is fully based on Artificial intelligence. It helps to overcome all the time barriers and human limitations. Nowadays the usage of AI increases and the AI ensure the equal right to everyone. So in this situation, the importance of Artificial Intelligence increases. Modern technologies are filled with Artificial intelligence for the improvement of quality.


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