Artificial Intelligence in Business Process


“AI is Likely To Be Either The Best Or Worst Thing To Happen To Humanity”, says Stephen Hawking.-Artificial Intelligence(AI) is a branch of science with helping machines find solutions to complex problems a more human-like fashion by using technology which translates to Machine Learning Deep Learning Natural Language processing.

AI can be viewed from a variety of Perspectives In business AI is a set of very powerful tools and using those tools to solve business problems. It helps businesses to increase sales detect fraud speed up production offer high- security decision making and lot more.

With AI we can respond to Customers in real-time thus building customer dynamics and enhance better customer relationship management(CRM) with the primary goals of improving customer experiences and reducing human customer services.AI can help to accelerate this understanding. Introduction of chatbots that understand user interest is an example of customer service by AI. This new technology is designed to automate the recruitment process which is a difficult workflow to HR management. By programming the computer with certain algorithms we can recruit employees faster and also we can access them by creating a Plan to know if the employees need training.

AI can enhance automation of decision making without human interruption We know decision making is one of the huge and risky challenging tasks in an organization, algorithms such as Neural Network and decision tree makes the task easier and accurate. AI has changed nearly everything-sales which is the backbone of an organization. If the sales revenue is not properly managed the profit of the company goes AI helps to boosts sales and overall sales performance.AI offer high security to complete data analysis and detect complex patterns in an efficient way which can be difficult for fraud to enter which is a more challenging application of AI. Highly Encrypted methods are used by AI. But Abuse of AI can lead to enormous attacks from hackers and branches of data.

AI is migrating out of research in many fields and into the business world. There is a big future for AI in business, where the manpower can be replaced with machine intelligence. If not properly used it can also become a major threat to human beings.


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