Aspen Tech Together With Wood Offer Client Predictive Maintenance Solutions


Aspen Tech is a worldwide leader in asset optimization software helping the globals accelerating industrial companies. Aspen Technology has long experience in providing solution-independent asset performance consulting and integrating and deploying specialty engineering services, real-time performance monitoring systems, and so on.

Aspen Tech software maximizes value gained from digital transformation. Recently Aspen Tech and Wood announced a new partnership that will help Wood’s client to increase asset performance management. The handshake will allow global companies to accelerate the performance of their manufacturing and provide facility assets through a maintenance solution built upon industrial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Aspen deals with past and real-time operational and maintenance data to find out the failure reason which leads to the breakdown of a firm. These data can predict future failure as well. Wood has a strong understanding of their client’s performance optimization needs and provides a unique opportunity to enhance the client’s asset productivity to identify potential issues.

The partnership of these domains improve AI-driven predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution, provides rare customized asset performance management solutions for the operators. Darren Martin CTO at Wood, quoted the vision of their partnership as they are planning to bring Aspen Tech into their hand to foster new technologies to solve the problem of clients. The long term  Vision of the agreement is to accelerate value through digitalization across the asset life of the firm, working to boost overall fields of a company environment and supply chain.

Aspen Tech is one of the leading industrial companies that run their operations more safely and environmentally friendly manner. It delivers faster accurate and efficient performance boundaries. Introducing client predictive prescriptive solutions with AI  is going to change the industrial sector.


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