Augmented Reality steps Into the Children’s World – Case study


The education system is being revolutionized from time to time. From the ‘traditional’ to the modern education system, from blackboards to projectors, from guru’s to teachers and now to ‘augmented reality ‘, the education system is evolving quickly.

During this lockdown period classes are conducted online with video demonstrations and all. It’s quite difficult to keep the children in line as they get distracted with things around them fast. Shyam Vengallor a social science teacher in Moorkanad near Valanchery in Kerala, comes up with augmented reality.

Shyam Vengallor has been working on it during the lockdown days trying to make the virtual classes more exciting for the children. The teacher succeeds in bringing it up with color keying, animated images, and several apps. All the students were thrilled and excited as augmented reality popped up in their class in the form of a giant elephant. He working on more to develop innovative ideas to grasp the attention of children.

Initially like every technology it was difficult for him to convince his colleagues. Later on, he succeeds in it and convinced them. The augmented reality could be used in all subjects. The Hindi teacher made use of this by showing them a cow, snakes, and all to augment the online class, the social science teacher for demonstrating the global solar system, etc.

Augmented Reality developed by Shyam Vengallor is in huge demand now. They are offering classes on their school’s youtube channel and through PTA WhatsApp. Several schools have started using their classes. The visual form of learning helps in grabbing the interest of children and implanting more knowledge in them. Children can easily recollect and connect whenever needed. The prospect of augmented reality is wider and effective.

Different applications are also using this augmented reality application like snapchat. Augmented reality is trying to be more realistic and attractive. This reality can be applied in all fields. It can be used in the area of skill and training as it produces a good impact. Augmented reality is also cost-effective.

Augmented reality will definitely create its own space in the future as everything around is getting digitalized and will change virtual reality into reality.


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