AWS introduces Amazon IVS using Twitch technology


The world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud service provider Amazon have newly launched live streaming using Twitch technology. The service could be used in both web and mobile applications.

Amazon Interactive Video Service (Amazon IVS) helps to configure videos through both web and mobile applications. Amazon IVS is easier to set up and is absolute for creating interactive video experiences. Amazon IVS helps customers to take low-latency live streaming videos across different platforms and devices, without affecting video quality. Normally it requires 20 seconds to 30 seconds to transfers video from a camera to a viewer in other video streaming platforms. But Amazon IVS service offers both low latency and less time for a video to get transferred from a camera to a viewer and that is less than three seconds. i.e. Amazon IVS receives video and then automatically converts it, making the live stream videos available within seconds across AWS infrastructure through Twitch technology. Customers can easily customize and improve the viewer experience through Amazon IVS player SDK and a Timed Metadata API.

The company said in a statement that Amazon IVS has removed the cost and difficulty in making live stream videos and therefore it helps the customers to focus on making more experience for their viewers. But then, Amazon charges for both video input and output. i.e. charges are only for the duration of video input to Amazon IVS and for the duration of video output. An hourly rate of $0.20 or $2.00 for video input depending upon the video resolution. The rate for video output depends upon the resolution and billing region. Amazon doesn’t charger anything other than this.

Then, how to use this Amazon IVS? To use this service, customers should send their live streaming videos to Amazon through a standard streaming platform. Then, Amazon will set up videos for viewers depending upon different locations.

GM of Amazon IVS, Martin Hess said in a statement that Any developer can user Amazon IVS to set up a live streaming experience into their own one, without the use of any video infrastructures.  Customers can use the technology that has used Twitch for more than a decade to build and refine.


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