AYN Info Tech integrates IoT, AI, Blockchain to various software product services


AYN InfoTech is a leading IT company that provides world-class IT services and smart products across the world to achieve great success by satisfying esteemed customers. AYN InfoTech has long-year experience in software services for industries like Artificial intelligence, Blockchain/cryptocurrency, Payment Solution, Core Banking Solutions, school and learning, CRM, Healthcare.

Recently AYN Info Tech adopted  IoT(Internet Of Things), Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain as core service to their operations. The Smart Analytics feature provided by AYN plays a vital role in helping organizations to accelerate their productivity with a vision to improve their processes.

 AI allows companies to scan through the large data sets when information flows into the market at high speed. It provides an opportunity to efficiently analyze the huge amounts of fractured data, which provide sustainable new pathways for business. Blockchain is a game-changer for supply chain management, which offers greater transparency and efficiency. It can allow companies and consumers to track their transactions more securely and transparently. IoT helps businesses to reach globally and a platform to connect with people across the globe

AYN new services include Pine a CRM tool designed to handle complex customer data and generate accurate information, which helps businesses to improve marketing strategies to achieve higher sales goals. With Pine CRM we can discover a new possible way to interact with customers.

Oak is a core banking solution(CRB) that handles complex banking requirements. The solution offered to operate at maximum efficiency with a minimum amount of resources.

For the health care industry, Cedar is a healthcare solution to maintain medical records on the blockchain. Cedar offers high data security and provides all legal requirements for the maintenance of medical data. The use of blockchain ensures the accuracy of Cedar’s data.

Enterprise software solutions are very much necessary needed for an organization. It makes reporting and decision-making a  smooth process and the ability to carry out safe and secure transaction signs. In this digitalized era  Enterprise software solution systems helps to automate and control business operations.

Therefore With all this analytical approach, AYN wishes to establish a digital world with accurate processes. They are going to make a huge change in Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Capital Markets, Energy & Utility, Insurance, Transport, Hospitality, Telecom, Real Estate, Retail, Facility Management, Education, and Healthcare.


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