Behavior Mapping and Predictive HR Analytics Serve An Ace In Hiring


IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR WORKERS, how will you lead them to productivity? Industry 4.0 can help with solutions – HR analytics and Behavior mapping.

Technology and the current data analytics trend can help HR professionals in hiring the best suited for the job. HR analytics also referred as People Analytics, Talent Analytics or Workforce Analytics is applying technology to make data-driven decisions for more effective hiring.

After hiring the right employees, to maximize their productivity, Behavior mapping and Predictive HR analytics are used. Let’s see what these technology-powered terms mean.

HR Analytics

It makes the hiring more detail-oriented by pointing to the statistics and analysis of employee-related factors to ascertain, whether the new hire will be a best fit for the organization.

With previous employment records, historical market data and with expert hiring manager’s opinion, set of skills and qualities an ideal candidate must have for the job is analyzed. Then the organization can match this analysis with their requirements and hire candidates who are the best fit.

Behavioral Mapping

It is a direct-observation method where the prospective recruit’s behavior is tracked in a specific environment in a particular time and is mapped for different environment like office reception, meeting rooms and cafeterias. Specific characteristics associated with age and gender to the level of engagement is also observed and is mapped.

Behavioral Interview

This technique helps to predict, how a recruit will behave in future (future performances) by analyzing the past behavior (behaved previously).

The behavior interviewer will identify the skills important for decision-making like problem-solving and persuasion skills and then interviews to check whether the candidate possesses these qualities. This approach helps to identify candidates who exaggerate at the interview or put false capabilities in their resume.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics uses the existing data sets like current employee data, to find patterns and uses statistical algorithms and Machine Learning (ML) to predict likelihood of future outcomes. It helps recruiters find how a candidate will be successful in their role.

Predictive Analytics uses personality data, demographic data, recruitment process, employee work history for analysis and predicts which candidate will be the right fit and also sends a recruitment message to him.

It also gives insights on data like: number of applicants to the job, number of group discussions and interviews, number of final rounds, final offer acceptance rate in the form of charts and dashboards.

Data Analytics and Behavioral Mapping has become the promising tool to attract and retain the top talent. Organizations are now taking advantage of blending technologies with their people. In the near future HR analytics can assist HR professionals into more data-drive options.


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