Big Data Analytics opens up Telco opportunities to engage customers better


With the increasing penetration of the smartphones and access to mobile internet along with the growing app market in India, the country is transitioning to a mobile only country from a mobile first country. The features of the mobile phones have become highly customized and they are no more mere devices meant for communication purposes. To be precise, the mobile phones have become an integral part of everyone’s life.

Today, in the connected world scenario, people spend a lot of time online for different activities such as watching videos, social chatting, gaming, learning some courses, shopping, etc. The strong acceptance of data consumption on such devices has driven the revenue of the mobile services market in the country. This revenue is expected to reach $37 billion in the year 2017.

The popularity of the use of mobile technologies in daily life and businesses as increased the potential of the telecom sector’s continued growth. Some of these technologies include big data analytics and cloud. The companies use these technologies in order to stay connected anytime and anywhere. The ever changing priorities of the customers and the increase in data services have paved way for fresh challenges as well as opportunities for the service providers.

Even the telecom operators make use of big data analytics for several functional areas in order to take up innovative measures. It is also used to provide personalized customer engagement, increased revenue per user and reduced churn. Still, the next generation customer engagement is different. Basically, the service providers have to know about each user and provide customized services to the person. Their past and present data usage has to be used to predict the future outcomes and customize the offers, and this is done using analytics.

The use of data analytics has helped a global telecom operator to earn a 600 percent increase in its sales in comparison to the meager 15 percent using the previous promotional practice. Another operation has managed to deliver superior quality deliverables to the customers and reduce the volume of the required support by almost 55 percent.

The flexible service delivery adoption shows how the promotions are short lived and how the highly targeted and effective and rapid services are important to generate long term growth in the revenue. The latter is the one that assures profitability for the telecom operators.

In the current generation, the fast, intelligent and nimble are the ones who witness success. They manage to monitor their effectiveness, target the market opportunities with the planned campaigns and fine tune their services.


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