Business Intelligence platform of Google Cloud, Looker: An Overview


The global business world is currently revolving around Business or Customer Intelligence and Data Science. Business intelligence is the key to monitor business trends, detect significant events, and get the full picture of what is happening inside your organization. To improve the decision-making of the company it is essential to optimize the processes and increase operational efficiency.

Rapid improvements are happening all over the world to enhance business intelligence and data science to make it easier for the companies to maximize data infrastructure investments, accelerate time-to-insight and build, install, and share data applications.

Looker Joins Google Cloud

 Looker has evolved to become the business intelligence platform for modern businesses throughout these years. Looker has taken the major step of joining Google’s Cloud Platform to fulfill its vision and mission.

This collaboration is helping the customers augment their data experience with improvement in three key areas:

Ø  Modern business intelligence

Ø  Foundational Optimization and Performance improvements

Ø  Updated data and development tools

Looker’s mission or strategy is to continuously meet the unique and escalating needs of global business in a way that is beneficial and best for them. Looker continuously aims at serving or delivering solutions that have at the most influence the regular business outcomes of their customers.

The latest renovated Modern Business Intelligence features help in getting data-rich business insights quickly. The new Looker Blocks for Google Marketing Platform is designed in a way to provide a base of powerful and captivating analytics for Google Marketing Platform advertising and web data.

Cross-filtering is another Modern business intelligence feature innovated by Looker which allows the users to quickly expose new customer insights that are not readily available in a dashboard. This feature gives unfathomable opportunities for users to self serve and to come up with new points and perceptions. Looker has come up with the performance enhancements which include aggregate awareness to make queries faster and less expensive. They also improved the overall experience for model developers with a newly renovated Integrated Development Environment that makes workflows instinctive with advanced controls. Other enhancements are also made by Looker for the system administrators which will help them the inability to understand, analyze, and control system activity, manage users and groups. Looker has taken a revolutionary step to join Google Cloud which will change its face in serving the customers.


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