CallMiner Launches Maturity Model to help Organisations


CallMiner is a software company that develops speech analytics and interaction analytics software and is considered as the leader in the speech analytics software industry. They announced the release of the CallMiner Continuum Maturity Model, a primary framework that helps to identify the critical steps needed to evaluate a speech analytics program to drive transformational business process improvement and bottom-line value.

Continuum provides an objective perspective of each organization’s current maturity level and offers necessary guidelines to improve maturity level across people, processes, and technology. CallMiner experts with key stakeholders from each organization’s speech and engagement analytics team have supervised almost two decades on the model. The evaluation identifies the strengths and opportunities across an organization’s team, talent, data strategy, governance, process, and executive oversight. Continuum authorizes business considering the deployment of interaction analytics, besides those with existing interaction analytics investment, to evaluate the scope, education, and achievement.

  • Scope– Continuum compares attributes that demonstrate to drive successful speech analytics results to the available resources for deployment readiness, optimization of current interaction analytics, and innovation for next-level results.
  • Education– Effective organizational attributes are needed for process modification and stakeholder participation to achieve success.
  • Achievement– Speed up speech analytics results by leveraging proven success drivers, also identifying and avoiding potential pitfalls.

Continuum is planned to enable organizations to increase the velocity to value the experience in their adoption of speech analytics, and achieve transformational results as their program inform decisions, actions, and improvements across all areas of their enterprise. The model provides a clear work plan for users to improve over time and to achieve short and long-term results. “The most valuable speech and interaction analytics programs are operationalized across the business and leverage customer insights to make smarter and more strategic business decisions,” said Adam Walton, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Customer Success at CallMiner.

Thus, CallMiner is considered as the leading speech analytics software industry, which uniting with their customers and partners, their platform drivers contact center efficiency, positive customer, employee experience, and provide significant improvement in the top and bottom-line corporate performance.


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