Capturing Employee Sentiment with AI: Genpact


Stress management, work-life balance, and employee welfare are much more crucial than ever before.  The criticality of Capturing employee sentiment is immense. By deploying a series of intelligent gear, Genpact has strengthened itself and simplified the HR processes.

Employees are priceless assets of an organization that should be cherished. Genpact gives huge importance to its employees. To enhance employee experience and to drive real-time engagement, Genpact uses an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot. The AI-driven chatbot named Amber can study employee sentiment by chatting to the people in the organization. It allows the HR team and senior-level managers to lend a hand to the unhappy employees proactively. Piyush Mehta, CHRO, Genpact said that keeping an eye on the individual’s employee sentiment has assisted Genpact to spot out unhappy employees quickly and to take immediate actions to fix the setback.

Genpact evaluated AI for different areas in HR processes and Amber was finalized. They found that other bots can only answer the questions while Amber can ask questions that are relevant to learn employee sentiment at significant points in their time at the company and it is the only secure chatbot. This is a revolutionary change in the way Genpact administer, they usually followed traditional forms of communication and engagement mediums.

Genpact also has AI behind its job search portal and is also strengthening other HR processes. This AI can even predict the star performers with around 74% accuracy with the help of messaging metadata. These are data about the messages (not the actual messages). The AI predicts the upcoming rockstar performers as well as flags risks by analyzing their communication patterns. This enables Genpact to initiate effective, efficient, and timely retention activities between leaders as well as demotivated employees to overcome attrition hits.

Finally, Genpact’s self-service HR chatbot named ‘HR Buddy’ uses conversational AI to clarify employees HR related queries and saves the HR professionals’ time. This system is launched in multiple regions in their local languages that responds according to the regions and answers around 11,000 plus queries monthly. Genpact, the global professional services firm has been investing in technology rooted in digital transformation for its HR functions and talent management.


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