Chips that boost Artificial Intelligence


The entire world is moving towards the age of automated and artificially intelligent future. Artificial Intelligence has changed the tech world tons. Smart algorithms, voice recognition, and biometrics for stock exchange trading and social media are the vital assets for many of the tech industries nowadays. Analyzing data and identifying patterns needs wast processor power to perform.

Artificial Intelligence requires high-performance chips to run robust programs. AI chips are the new generation microprocessors with a singular design to process AI functions faster, using less power. Organizations from start-ups to corporates, big production companies, and leading IT technologies are developing powerful AI computer chips.

The global AI (AI) chips market size is predicted to grow by USD 54.03 billion during 2020-2024. The expansion within the generation of huge volumes of knowledge has increased the deployment of knowledge centers across the planet. As data centers process massive amounts of knowledge, the necessity for improving their efficiency and reducing operational costs has become imperative. Hence, data center operators are increasingly adopting AI technologies to enhance energy efficiency, infrastructure management, server optimization, security, et al.

This is often encouraging market vendors to introduce AI chips specifically designed for data center applications, which is driving the expansion of the market.

Intel Corp. announced a replacement series of processors that provide more advanced AI, real-time,security, and functional safety benefits. The company said its new processor’s package software tools and hardware modules that permit customization for a spread of applications.

Applications including things like sensing, vision, and automation which benefits when a computation is performed locally since it helps to enhance response times and save bandwidth. Intel states that their new processors are ideal for workloads like mission-critical control systems within the industrial sector.

Chips provide improved real-time performance alongside efficiency and it comes with a fanatical real-time offload engine and an Intel programmable services engine that permits remote device management. The company has designed numerous tasks that have powering industrial robotics, chemical, oil field, and energy grid control applications. They are also used for autonomous vehicle controls and fleet monitoring and management and also in the medical field like medical displays, service robots, and ultrasound machines that need AI and computer vision.


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