Cleaning Belgium city using Data Analytics- Case Study


Ghent of Belgium city is a hidden gem that is often overlooked with the shininess of Brussels, Bruges, and Antwerp. Ghent is home to winding canals, medieval cathedrals, quaint cobblestone streets, and a rumored haunted castle with an appropriate name of Gravensteen.

With the emergence of social media, tourism and modern explorers have discovered the hidden utopia. But with the influx of tourists, the increased level of garbage, trash, and illegal waste dumping became the bane of existence for Ghent citizens. 

IVAGO, a leading waste recycling service provider came into the picture to find a solution for this chronic problem and give the clean city back. IVAGO saw this as an opportunity to raise stake and redefine the public waste management sector. They continued to provide service to 2,81,000 citizens of Ghent, at the same time they focused on finding solutions for the increasing demand for changing urban dynamics with proactive and reactive services.

Long term vision of IVAGO led it to see this as a silver lining as this opportunity was different from normal garbage pick-up and recycling job. 

  • Increasing citizen engagement to track the maintenance of cleanliness in Ghent.
  • Becoming a pioneer for Belgium among waste management companies.
  • Use of predictive analytics in decision making on an ongoing basis.
  • Prevention of accidental spillage while en route to waste incineration infrastructure with the application of delivery safeguards.
  • Use of environmentally friendly and efficient way of processing waste. 


Understanding the problems of the populace’s concerns was the foremost thing for IVAGO. Implementation of the digital solution was necessary with its easy-to-use mobile reporting app and tracking of garbage collectors using a tablet.

IVAGO has used SAP Analytics Cloud for an integrated way of using data to satisfy the community and stakeholders. Real-time operation insights were gained by implementing SAP technology from the company’s partner EY. It aided to streamline the waste management services for day-to-day activities with faster and precise decisions. 

Interaction between the service provider and city resident

IVAGO involved Ghent’s community using a mobile app. It allowed citizens to track if and where the trash was dumped along with the pictures and its geo-coordinates. It also alerts the service provider where to pick up the trash in time utilizing IVAGO’s SAP system.

Restoring Ghent’s beauty by IVAGO

Ghent is still open to travelers, where urban explorers can enjoy the idyllic beauty and tranquillity of western Shangri-la without risking damage to Ghent’s beauty. IVAGO has made sure of it. 


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