Cognizant To Acquire Bright Wolf


Cognizant recently unveiled its planned acquisition of two large Microsoft cloud service providers New Signature and the 10th Magnitude. On the 22nd of October 2020, Cognizant made another statement saying that it has planned to acquire Bright Wolf that will mark its eighth acquisition this year to date.

Bright Wolf will direct the new IoT innovation lab known as the Research Triangle, launched as a result of the acquisition. Bright Wolf is an expert in Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions that is certified by major cloud providers. The USA based IIoT service provider is also an advanced technology partner of Amazon Web Services and a Gold partner of Microsoft. With the Bright Wolf in the core, Cognizant will set up its advanced Innovation Lab the Research Triangle.

Cognizant is positive about the acquisition and stated that it will perk up their smart products with Bright Wolf’s proficiency in the IIoT deployments. Bright Wolf has delivered business value that others struggled to reach with its team of leading IIoT architects. Jointly they expect to expand their client base, efficiency in operations, and competitive advantage. Industrial giants like Caterpillar and ITW Hartness receive services like design consulting, digital transformation, and development from Bright Wolf.

Bright Wolf’s expertise is exclusively focused on predictive maintenance, yield optimization, and asset performance management. Connecting industrial equipment, optimizing industrial operations, integrating enterprise data, and assisting proprietary accelerators for IIoT deployments are also involved in this. Bright Wolf has aided top companies from different industries to achieve their IIoT vision.

The Zero Waste Engineering approach followed by the Bright Wolf is popular among the industry and attracts more clients. Bright Wolf also assists its clients in making the right investments and has the skill to balance according to the requirements of business and market.

The acquisition deal is expected to be closed by the end of the year 2020 based on the approval of closing conditions. The financial details regarding this acquisition are yet to be released.

Bright Wolf will make an unparalleled partner for Cognizant for its future in IIoT. This acquisition certainly will boost the growth of the company in vital areas of cloud, software product engineering, analytics, AI, and IoT.


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