COVID-19 accelerating investments in innovative technologies


The long lockdown days for the COVID-19 have closed schools, shops, institutions, and even online shopping sites. The lockdown days affected the daily routine of people, as people have remained at their homes. The internship of the lockdown is to avoid social communication by maintaining social distance. Society is sitting at home to save the country, has changed the scenario to a greater extend. Shopping centers have been closed since March. It’s being for the first time in history the entire world is shut down to avoid the spreading of a dangerous pandemic.

Lockdown not only affected the people but also affected the entire economy globally. As a part of the coming recession, a lot of people lost their jobs. The business became very dull and companies are facing a lot of losses due to this, even though every enterprise has started a new way of a marketing system, it won’t be working successfully as like of earlier days. As people don’t have enough money, it will affect the market very badly.

People cannot come to shop or buy things directly just like in earlier days. Prohibitions and restrictions for the safety of the social-beings make them sit in their own homes. People face a lot of problems meeting their needs these days. Even though the restrictions are there, their needs cannot be prohibited. The enterprises have come with an option to buy things using digital marketing, e-commerce, and online payment transaction system. E-commerce sites had already started preparing to increase delivery during the second stage of lockdown. The new inventions of technologies to buy things online make shopping easy, comfortable, affordable, and safe.

Microsoft India president Anant Maheshwari says that technology would play a stronger role than ever before. He also added that the current scenario has changed businesses, communities, industries, and the entire world forever.

Using technologies and with the introduction of new marketing system companies have solved the crisis to a greater extend. Anant says that the public and private sectors have to work together to turn the tide on COVID-19. A change is required and it is significant to sort out the problems of lockdown days.


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