Customer Analytics reveals a lot on customers purchase decisions

Customer analysis concept man pointing selection

The advancement of customer analytics is gaining limelight as companies are using it to achieve superior customer experience. It is also helping in improving business key performance indicators like higher sales and margin. Moreover analytics serves as a platform to gain deeper business insights. This is the reason why marketers give lot of focus on customer analytical practices.

Marketers are effectively leveraging data to reach more customers. But marketing in the digital age is more about holding attention of customers. This is done by sticking onto the past data as this marks high degree of accuracy upon which the customer falls for. As in the present scenario it’s proven that customers do lot of research before purchasing new product. This generates lot of search data which can convey a lot on what customers look for before making the purchase decision. This trend marks the approach of the customer changing from potential consumers to researchers and this creates database for the marketing team. The metadata describes the buyers interacting with the content and the content describes the buyer. This enables organizations to probe on the interest of the customer.

The final stride lies in understanding the customers from multiple perspective .This starts from the customer centric actions like website browsing, sales conversations that generates massive amount of data. The problem with current marketing people is that they have more than enough data at their hands, but they make little applicability of it. Meanwhile it was found that direct integrations with many leading CRMs and email service providers will provide easy way to store and capture data. This stored data helps in more effective email marketing, display advertising and remarketing engagements that can speak to the consumer for leveraging interactive and dynamic content. In this manner marketing analytics transforms opportunity to success.


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