Digital revolution in HR: The way forward?


The new work environment that is the digital workplace revolution, is changing the way we think and approach everyday work. The workplace continues to evolve to meet the needs of both employees and employers. Employers have found that the old, rigid style of thinking will lead to a reduction in efficiency, and couldn’t meet new challenges.

Now the organizations are looking for new, effective, and productive ways to meet the demands of doing business. Organizations are adopting modern technologies such as Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Big data, etc. which lead to the digital revolution in HR. There is no doubt that a more automated future is coming.

Introducing automation to HR should begin by gauging the team’s mindset and upskilling the HR department. With automation invading the HR space, every task would be automated very soon. By automating HR activities, organizations can reduce the cost and time they spend on manual HR planning and processing. By changing the team’s mindset into a digital forward one, and technical literacy helps in the success of automation in HR.

When the HR team is confident and ready with the initial and preliminary process, then it can move to complex and delicate operations. If the organization decides to move towards automation, it is essential to note that the adoption of new technology should align with organization goals, objectives, priorities, people, and culture. It is necessary to know how new technologies links into the business vision, customer satisfaction goals, and employee engagement targets. When the organization embraces the digital revolution, they should note that technology is better than humans at various functions.

We should establish robust governance of the technologies implemented so that bias is not encoded into algorithms, which might lead to automation bias since HR is the people business more than any other department in the organization.The coronavirus pandemic has increased the emphasis on the aspect of human connections in the HR function. When the world changed practically overnight with the coronavirus pandemic, organizations did too. In the future, HR will play a key role in redefining the nature of the workplace.


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