Digitalization in 2021: The Way Ahead


Redesigning of business in the digital era by using digital technologies for creating new or modifying the existing business process, culture, and customer experiences to meet the changes in business and market requirements is what Digital Transformation is all about. The business benefits of the top 5 digital transformation trends that will lead the business industry are listed below.

5G Will Go Mainstream
The recent pandemic which resulted in a steep rise in our dependency on phones, tablets, and other devices – including an ever-growing number of IoT sensors – highlights the need for highspeed internet connections, as businesses or online educational systems cannot afford to be disconnected, and 5G deployments have become a vital part of the solution. Every major handset manufacturer in the world such as Samsung, Apple to Xiaomi, and Motorola, is already (or soon to be) releasing 5G phones in virtually every price-point tier, with Qualcomm, the leader in 5G technology, to make 5G affordable to as many smartphone users as possible next year.

Cyber Security gets a Jolt
With the recent pandemic that resulted in increased digitization, cybersecurity has become an essential technology. With fewer employees being able to work onsite on the same secure network, it is necessary that companies shore up their networks and upgrade their cybersecurity strategies, and even expand them to home networks and work-from-home devices. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) will play a crucial role in this trend.

Privacy and confidential Computing Gains Momentum
Another method to strengthen cybersecurity when addressing communication and data privacy is confidential computing. The idea behind this is to encrypt the entire computing process by building additional security layers over sensitive information. Google, Microsoft, and Alibaba are developing new protocols through the Confidential Computing Consortium.

Work from Home Outlasts COVID-19
Work from home has proved to be more efficient and economical for the companies as well as the employees. Google and Facebook have decided to work from home policies through 2020 and for parts of 2021. Even smaller companies are opting for flexibility as an operational option.

The device from Factors Become Popular Again
Some obsolete devices like the folding smartphones are predicted to be back in the market by 2021 as the customers prefer lighter, smaller and versatile devices .users have shown increased interest in Hybrid devices like the Microsoft Surface Duo and the Samsung Galaxy fold.


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