Divi set up for a Comic book as well as BlockChain video games


Divi network is a fully transparent network which is the most secure network. Recently it came up with the concept of Cryptocurrency with an inbuilt user-friendly smart and highly secured wallet system.
Divi came up with a concept Cryptocurrency made easy is planning to launch the comic book and video games on blockchain technology.
It boosted when its project CEO Geoff Mc cabe posted a video over YouTube speaking about their lightning works digital media company speaking on the blockchain.

They also spoke about the collaboration of creators from Marvel as well as DC Comics instigating their highlights on Siege World Blockchain-based video games. Mc cabe started a digital media company based on blockchain by focusing on comic books. They also started two new apps

  1. Creator app
  2. Viewer app

Creator app allows people to create digital blockchain-based comic books. With this app, people will also be able to create comic books very quickly by animating them and launching them into blockchain by adding lots of features in it. So they are planning to come up with one of their comics by creating with this creator app.

Whereas the viewer app is that in which they can showcase their creativity whatever they are going to launch it on the blockchain. Their main goal is to be the first company in the world for launching a blockchain-based comic book. The stories written by them were a good one and also they hired a full-time writer named Ace Harman for drafting the comics. Other than this they hired people from Marvel and DC as a major coin for this project.

Siege world is a massively multiplayer online game powered by Divi Project. They are coming up with a video game Siege world and will be adding Divi to it and all the players will be fighting for that Divi. They also said that anybody having a passion can be a game developer in their way. With the introduction of these, they will be entering into an elite club of Blockchain gaming agency in collaboration with the employees of DC and Marvel Comics.


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