Donut Robotics to roll out smart masks by Feb 2021


The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 has created new norms and sets of practices in our daily routine. Wearing face masks has become a new normal. On the other hand, many tech-companies and researchers are trying to add on exciting features to the masks. Smart masks are getting ready to roll out soon.

Donut Robotics, a Japanese start-up has invented a smart face mask that will act as a translator and helps to follow the social distancing as well. With the potential of technology, a normal mask can be converted into a smart one. The tech-enabled smart masks are tech-powered to monitor vital signs, translate speech to other languages, purify the contaminated air. The pandemic had created a trend of wearing face masks thus enabling researchers and tech companies to bring out the best innovations.

The mask is aimed to maintain proper social distancing. It benefits Doctors to a greater extent while communicating with patients. The mask is designed to be light weighted and it is made up of silicone. Another motive of the smart mask is to act as a translator. It can translate languages one from another. For instance, Japanese to French, English, Korean, etc. The translator would be of great use when travel restrictions across borders are eased.

The smart mask “C-Face” will enable a safe conversation between people to 10 meters apart. The user has to carry a smartphone to make this conversion process goes seamless. The smart mask will transmit the speech to the smartphone via an application which in turn makes a possible conversation till 32 feet apart.

Though the mask comes as a helping hand during the pandemic situation, it will not safeguard from the novel coronavirus. The “C-Face” mask is a face mask with additional tech features. The mask is expected to roll out in February 2021 at a price of 4000 yen.

While the innovations are revolving around face masks, Singapore has come up with its own invention. It has designed a mask to monitor blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate. Data are transmitted from sensors to smartphones through Bluetooth.


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