Driving Data Analytics with the help of AI


Intelligent analytics offers a classic approach to get the hidden intelligence behind historical and real-time data. The practice of blending intelligence with analytics reaches far beyond. It builds the foundation in algorithmic methods removing any bias introduced by an individual analyst.

Unearthing the Wealth of Information

Artificial Intelligence and analytics platform enclose the means to derive untapped value from the wealth of information, data constantly generates. While advanced analytics helps enterprises to uncover insights on current business processes, AI acts as a force multiplier on this data crunching by pledging machine learning capabilities into these data models.

The best artificial intelligence algorithms and analytics software grasp machine learning solutions into a big data platform. Through this they transform data into intelligent pieces of information, self-service data visualization dashboards, automation-ready capabilities to maximize revenue and operational efficiencies.

 Use of AI in Analytics

1. Unearthing new insights from data analytics

Artificial Intelligence stands out in finding hidden patterns and insights from large datasets which are often unseen from human eyes, this is done at an unprecedented speed and scale. AI-powered tools exist answering questions about enterprise operations.

2. Deploy analytics to predict data outcomes

AI-powered algorithms analyze data from different sources offering predictions on an enterprise’s next strategic move. It can also deep dive into data to share insights about your customers letting you know about their choice, and which marketing channels would be the best to target them.

3. Unifying data across Platforms

Artificial Intelligence combines data captured from different sources and platforms, urging data-driven innovation across data science, business analytics, and data engineering categories.

The latest move in Intelligent Analytics

Data analytics software

Think business intelligence gathered from a data analytics software that identifies patterns and expresses data relationships. This covers ways for actionable alerts, smart data discovery, and interactive dashboards, using a comprehensive set of data analytics software on an enterprise-grade analytics platform.

Machine learning and predictive analytics platform

An able platform lets you analyze structured and unstructured big data stored in data management platforms and external sources. AI and open-source data analytics platforms combine open-source machine learning with self-service analytics and predictive analytics to achieve data intelligence.

Natural language processing and text mining

Unstructured data explains the sentiments, stories, emotions of your customers, employees, and stakeholders. Natural Language Processing(NLP) and Text mining extract terms and concepts from brochures, legal documents, emailers, social media messages, videos, audio files, web pages to unlock the value hidden in unstructured text and yield valuable business insights.

Interactive visualizations

Data visualization represents the graphic representation of data. Interactive data visualizations and rich interactive dashboards are the most important takeaways from Intelligent Analytics helping enterprises know their data more personally.

AI solution for sentiment analysis

Intelligent data analytics helps an enterprise to know and highlight what is the people’s perception of social networks and the web about its products and services. Intelligent analytics hence is a blessing to enterprises for targeted customer servicing, customer engagement, and retention.


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