Drop Ratio goes up for Tech skills


During the novel Coronavirus outbreak, India is a country that has been struck with around 120 million jobs lost as a result. Around 41 lakh youth in India were unemployed due to the pandemic with job losses in the construction and farm sector. According to the report estimated by the International Labour Organization and the Asian Development Bank reports job loss for 4.1 million youth amid seven key sectors. It can be said that the world, will never be the same as we know it.

 However, not all industries have been smacked the same by the pandemic. Some remain unchanged and some enjoyed benefits, while others came up with innovative solutions to ensure that jobs remain. As supermarkets, physical shops, and shopping malls were closed, more and more people get in touch with for online solutions to meet their daily needs. Online Food Delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy have grown in popularity. Also, other necessities were purchased through the online services of local companies, or platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. 

With a rise of online transactions, purchases, and deliveries especially, for those companies who are hugely dependent on working and communicating online, there’s also a need for IT professionals due to security risk and other requirements. This is becoming clear in India as the demand for IT specialists grows larger than the available assets within the industry. Some of the job roles that are in-demand right now include Cybersecurity Analysts, Ethical Hackers, Cybersecurity Engineers, Cybersecurity Consultants, Pen Testers, Security Engineers, and Security Architects.

In the job market, a division of technology professionals is sitting with multiple offers while new offers are hard to come by. Industry experts say that the ‘offer-to-joining’ ratio of IT professionals who have expertise in digital and emerging technologies is at a record low of 10:4 that is while six give it a pass, four take up the job. Therefore despite the situation in several sectors Companies are under pressure to retain skilled tech people. As these people are sitting with an average of 3-4 offers at a time. Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn commented that they have never witnessed this kind of demand in tech roles in the mark. 

According to a survey conducted by search firm Xpheno, the ‘drop ratio’ for many tech skills has risen from 25% to as high as 60% in the last 2-3 months. This even applies to top-end employer brands. The number of people who turn down job offers in opposition to the number of offered jobs is ‘Drop ratio’.


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