Dubai secures public transport with facial recognition system.


The Capital of Emirate, is all set to introduce a facial recognition system to strengthen the security of the public transport system. This is on behalf of the Global Expo exhibition that will be hosted by Dubai. The facial recognition system is not a new word for the Emirates as its International Airport already operates in the biometric system.

Dubai has the ambition to become technologically advanced as well as to make use of artificial intelligence as it sees itself as a leading Smart City. These sectors may be benefited from the Global Expo by enhancing its international market relations. This system assures a high level of security in the public transport sector that includes the metro station and other transport facilities.

In a simulated scenario, the city’s police used the facial recognition system to identify a Gunman launching an attack on a metro station under the watch of the Crown Prince of Dubai. In the mock attack, the US-trained special police unit evacuated the passengers from the metro station and to catch the suspects without working with the control center. In addition to this, a special force will be sent to the metro stations during the Expo.

Dubai strongly believes that they can raise their performance by improving its current capabilities and social security in transport systems that include the metro stations and other transport facilities. This facial recognition technology has proven its effectiveness in identifying suspicious and wanted people. Thanks to the new technology, it takes less than a minute to identify the suspect whereas it took at least five hours to spot one before. Although this technology has made things easier, it also raises privacy concerns. China has also been judged for using facial recognition technology in its public surveillance network.

The six-month multi-billion-dollar Expo is all set to roll out in October 2021 after the one year delay due to the COVID-19 situation. This situation also disrupted the world economy as well as the transport system. The expo was expected to attract 15 million visitors around the globe. In the coming months, the Transport Security Department of the Dubai police will roll out the facial recognition system along with helmets with smart glasses and thermal cameras to fight the spread of the coronavirus and to manage the large crowd.


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