Dyno Therapeutics Joins With Roche for Development of AAV Gene Therapy Vectors for CNS Diseases Diagnosis


Dyno Therapeutics is a pioneer in applying computerized reasoning (AI) and quantitative high throughput in-vivo investigations to quality treatment. The organization’s restrictive CapsidMap stage quickly finds and efficiently upgrades Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) capsid vectors that fundamentally beat the momentum approaches for in-vivo quality convenience leading to the growth in scope of illness treatable with quality treatment. It was established in 2018 by experienced biotech business visionaries and driving researchers in the field of quality treatment and AI by embedding with the concept of Machine Learning.

Dyno Therapeutics has recently announced its collaboration and license agreement with Roche to apply Dyno’s CapsidMap for the development of next-generation Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) as vectors for gene therapies for the Central Nervous system (CNS) disease and liver-directed therapies.

It represents a transformative approach to the identification of novel AAV capsids which are generally the cell-targeting protein shell of viral vectors optimizing tissue targeting as well as immune evading properties. As per the agreement Dyno will be responsible for the design of novel AAV capsid with its modified properties for gene therapy whereas Roche & Spark therapeutics will be responsible for conducting preclinical, clinical as well as commercialization activities for gene therapy using novel capsids.

The team of Dyno, Roche, and Spark shares a strong vision for gene therapy and believes that integrating these vectors will be the key to develop a new treatment for patients in need as said by Dyno’s CEO and Co-Founder Eric Kelsic. They strongly believe in the potential of gene therapy with the collaboration of experts from Roche, Spark, and Dyno to develop next-generation gene therapies. Its AI-powered approach in designing optimized AAV vectors will contribute towards their advancement in progress in gene therapy.

The designed Capsids conferred improves the functional properties of AAV vectors. Its Capsid platform overcomes its limitations of current issues of gene therapies on market as well as in their development. Their treatments are mainly limited to a small number of naturally available AAV vectors that are limited by delivery, immunity, packaging sizes as well as manufacturing challenges. It uses AI technology in the design of novel capsids, cell targeting protein shell of viral vectors. Capsid Map platform provides a leading-edge DNA mapping synthesis to measure the deliverable properties in its high throughput. By using Advanced search algorithms and integrating machine learning to build a comprehensive map of sequential space. Hence, accelerating discovery as well as optimization of synthetic AAV Capsids.


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