Edge AI – the future of business?


Artificial Intelligence or AI has a major role in the Internet of Things or IoT applications. AI and IoT when combined are known as AIoT, also known as the Artificial Intelligence of Things. Both Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are powerful technologies that can take the digital world to the next level and transform business and society in a much more organized and efficient manner.

Most organizations nowadays are revolutionized digitally and are still investing huge capital towards digitalization. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) are technologies that would help business in improved management of risk, develop and design new products and services, reduce unnecessary downtime and help in improving the operating efficiency.

AI and IoT assist organizations to plan their management and provides parameters to process a huge amount of relevant data. IoT solutions observe patterns and trends which are complex for human eyes. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Edge solution detects and reduces points of failure, poor performance, and errors committed by humans. The Edge solution plays a role when the Internet of Things (IoT) produces big data as there involve chances of occurrence of incomplete and inaccurate data.

Wolfgang Furtner said that people often use Edge in relative ways. Some people call cars, an Edge device while others use it for small energy-saving sensors. There exists a need to differentiate different kinds of things anyone finds at Edge. Edge AI is not just a single thing but the existence of many things.

Edge Artificial Intelligence is a self-standing technology or intelligence which would rule the market of semi-autonomous cars and smart retail systems. By using Artificial Intelligence at Edge, the cost involved in data communication would be reduced to a large extend. Edge also enables real-time processes like decisions and actions. The role of real-time processes is very important for robots, autonomous cars, etc.

Businesses would be able to make better decisions with Edge AI IoT which would increase security and privacy. Edge AI IoT provides an accurate and real-time status of the health of the machine. Edge also helps in speedy detection and solution of critical issues of machines. Maintenance and repair issues can be brought down using Artificial Intelligence at Edge.


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