Emotionally Intelligent Growth Platform for Brands by Genus AI


Genus AI recently announces an Artificial Intelligence solution for brands of B2C companies and e-commerce. This new Growth Platform is a breakthrough for market segmentation and campaign content development for marketers. The growth platform powered by AI will generate better customer models, content evaluation, and segmentation for conversions and ROAS.

Genus AI is an artificial intelligence company that focuses on emotional intelligence scaling between customer and brand interaction to empower the growth of businesses.

After having years of experience with B2C brands, they observed that it is easier to increase the number of interactions between brands and customers but, the quality of interaction between customers and brands is hard to scale to drive better growth.

This new growth platform is designed to create a smooth integration of enriched data of customers to empower brands to choose the most impactful content for their campaign from the prodigious library of content. The platform can manage multiple digital advertisement campaigns at the same time.

In this pandemic era, this technology advancement would be a competitive edge for the brands and scaling of one to one emotional intelligence.
Some of the features of the Genus AI Growth Platform are: –
Enrichment of customer data due to integration and Archetyping incorporates thousands of data points to existing data of the customer and segment the customers using communication archetyping based on their response to information.

Anyone can build a predictive model to benefit from the advancement of Machine Learning as there is no need for coding skills. Features like visual content scoring assess multiple ads with a single click and select which ad creative creates the highest appeal from the general audience and match it with the targeted customer segment.
Hunt a Killer is a gaming company with a monthly subscription model, successfully adopted the Genus AI Growth Platform, and gained benefit from it.

Genus AI is a venture-backed technology start-up. It is headquartered in San Francisco, USA. GENUS AI has a hub of Artificial Intelligence technology in Vilnius, Lithuania where a team of experts in Machine Learning, Data Science, and Mathematics works on it. These individuals are the leading experts in Europe.

Genus has recently participated in New York’s FinTech Innovation Lab, Stanford’s StartX, and other leading accelerator programs. It has been acknowledged as the leader of AI in Space.


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