Future of Data scientists in India during Covid times


The outbreak of COVID-19 has adversely affected the entire world in several days. Because of the declaration of the sudden lockdown days, it created a lot of losses in both the public sector as well as a private sector. As the public sectors are not working properly, each nation is facing a recession as well as a great loss. This will badly affect not only the natives but also the immigrant who works there. This cut down in the number of employees, will badly affect them. These immigrants have to stay in those foreign countries even after losing their job, as the airports are closed. They cannot come to their native and during these days. Without earning, they have to find the money for their food and accommodation. Survival for the people who lost a job in a foreign country is pathetic.

Companies like Lyft, Air bob, and Uber have terminated a huge number of employees in the last weeks and most of them are Indians too. According to the recent report, thousands of Indian technologists are stranded in America and other nations. Even though their grace period has been extended they find difficulties living there without a proper job.

More than 30 million people have lost their job due to COVID-19 pandemic. The Us government is going to suspend the H-1B visa temporarily for protecting domestic jobs. They have decided to suspend foreign worker visas for one year till the crisis gets over.

As a result of this, thousands of techies including data scientists, analytics professionals are coming back to India. They can work in India for a data science job. Over the years a lot of professionals in core data science training and had converted into data science. Experts say that while Indian companies’ higher data scientists and analytic professionals, they will favour the quality of skills that bring value to the table. With the return of talented scientists, analytics professionals will boost the availability of them in India. India will become a major attraction in the field of data science in the future.


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