Google Analytics gets new Feature-rich update


Google Analytics has released new features that can help web developers and journalists curate their content. Google decided to focus more on news features in 2018 with the launch of the Google News Initiative. This venture has lasted 2 years which is quite an achievement for most of Google’s works. The new features make things even more convenient and help users in understanding the SEO algorithms while maintaining the integrity of the news itself.

Google News Initiative was a way for Google to fund good quality journalism and support the industry. It also helped maintain the quality of their search engine by increasing the accuracy of the first page results. They have launched 2 services under the umbrella of Google News Initiative, News Consumer Insight, and Realtime Content Insights.

News Consumer Insights help to optimize a reader’s experience by finding the right clicks that will keep them looking the longest. This increases profitability and helps build deeper relationships with your readers. They provide targeted recommendations to publishers based on reader activity, this ultimately results in inconvenience as well as a decrease in time and money spent on optimization.

Realtime Content Insights tries to identify the most trending topics and provide links to maximize audience retention by remaining relevant for a longer period of time. The topics identified are broad in scale so there is often something for everyone, depending on how much effort that you put in. It also provides engaging data visualization that’s easy to understand, this in turn makes improving and tweaking your content far easier.

The reason why Google is taking this step is that google analytics and the news initiative had access to a vast amount of data. The data had extremely useful information but accessing it was extremely difficult, because of its unstructured nature. With google news now providing recommendations users now have a better idea of where to start and can use the data in a better way.

Another new feature of the News Initiative is the news tagging guide, this allows publishers to decide analytics based on three categories- video analytics, user engagement, and reader revenue. Publishers can select the type of data that they want to track and google analytics will support it and show that piece of data from your site once access is given.

Overall, this updated feature list for google analytics will definitely make things easy for site administrators and publishers, allowing them to see a higher success rate in the coming months.


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