Google Arts & Culture App to aid viewing of miniature paintings


Google is one of the leading players in the industry who focuses on building tech-powered products. It has leveraged its products with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented reality, etc. AR-powered Google Map, AI-enabled Analytics are a few examples to be listed. Google has now planned to take its “Google Arts & Culture” app to the next level.

Google in collaboration with the National Museum, Delhi has launched the Miniature paintings which can be viewed in its Google Arts and Culture app. It uses Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, and Robotic cameras to bring life to this miniature painting.

Miniature paintings are one of the most tech-enabled art forms according to Google Arts & Culture. One can experience these paintings in a tech-enabled environment. It gives an opportunity for users to experience hundreds of National Museum’s miniature paintings from their place of comfort itself.

Augmented Reality powered Art gallery is set up to enhance users’ engagement and experiences. The AR gallery is designed in such a way that it allows viewers to explore miniature paintings in the virtual space from different dimensions. The users can virtually roam the halls of the AR-powered gallery. One can also magnify the paintings to observe minute details associated with them.

Google uses Artificial Intelligence to bring out the connection among the miniature paintings. Since the app showcases more than 1000 Indian miniature paintings it uses Artificial Intelligence to draw a connection among them. It has also deployed robotic cameras to generate vivid images of the paintings. Ultra-high-resolution cameras enhance user engagement to the next level.

The project includes paintings from Nature, love. Power, Celebration, Faith revolving around Indian artworks, tradition, and history. Some of the notable paintings include Royal Saga, Pahari-style, Ramayana. This virtual collection comprises around 1200 ultra-quality paintings of the Indian context. The miniature paintings depict more than 75 stories.

The AR-powered Art gallery also provides a musical tour of the artworks exploring more about the history of the paintings and other interesting facts associated with them. Google has deployed Artificial intelligence to connect the stories among the miniature paintings on the Augmented space of the Art gallery.


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