Google Cloud: The new leader in the Asia-Pacific Region


Google cloud is the cloud computing service of Google, named as a global leader in cloud data computing for the Asia Pacific region.

IDC MarketScape is a research firm which has evaluated the leading cloud service provider in the Asia –Pacific region and declared Google Cloud as a global leader in the cloud data analytics arena. The Google Cloud is flexible with cloud-native agile as well as outcome-based technology innovation and product development and continuously extending a steady customer base including digital natives and large-scale firms actively looking for ways to become Intelligent Enterprises.

The research firm also mentioned Amazon Web Services of Amazon and Cloud service of Oracle as global leaders for the Asia-Pacific region. Azure of Microsoft stood somewhere between being a major player and a global leader in the market.

The report also mentioned that Google Cloud made it as top cloud service providers with its several offering in the services. It has more than 200 plug-ins and APIs from Google Cloud Data Fusion services. These plug-ins and APIs are interoperable with products of heterogeneous data storage making it easier to integrate with products across the organization. It also has multiple layer-based solutions which could be consumed serverless to facilitate firms to start without any administrative overhead and only pay for the resource that is consumed. Consumers could choose from three pricing schemes: flex slots, flat rate, and pay per query as per the needs.

The wide availability of Google’s Cloud and data analytics platform allows firms to take complete control over their network infrastructure and hardware. It also provides flexibility to control service costs.

Adding to the Google Cloud strengths, the report also takes into account Singapore Press Holdings, Tokopedia, News Corp, HSBC, Gojek, Australia Post, Australia, and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ Bank), and AirAsia as its customers. IDC MarketScape has also taken into account some of the challenges the service is facing.

According to the report, Google is hiring at a faster pace in the Asia-Pacific region to scale up sales, channel networks, and field service and support teams. This, the company believes, will be crucial for the company to engage with customers more closely on the ground and convert the share of mind into market shares.


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