Google introduces “Hum to search” feature for music exploration


Google is providing humongous services in the areas of a search engine, online advertising technologies, cloud computing, software, and hardware.

Google announced a new “Hum to search” feature to pinpoint songs by simply the humming part of a track. Google also noted that people need not worry about their musical capabilities in their press release. It is available on the Google app store as well as on mobile devices, Google search widget. The feature can be enabled by simply tapping on the microphone option. Thus it promotes the feature by either clicking the button labeled as search the song or by just typing the type of song preceded to the humming part of the music. It also works in combination with google assistant using a similar framework. In order to identify the theme of the music we just need to ask.

“Hey Google, what’s this song?” before humming a song. We should also keep in mind the audio enquirer to target a particular track. It generally uses machine learning for the identification of potential tracks based on a person’s hummed sequence. After humming the tune google will provide a series of most favorable options based on the tune. Hence it allows people to match with their closest and pursue information as per performing artists, tracks, albums, etc.

The given song will heap recognition qualities compared by google with its unique identification mark. Google has planned its AI to have an option for coordinating with murmuring, whistling as well as singing in compliance with its one-sided identification mark. The models have been prepared to pinpoint explicit tunes into different sources eg. In-studio accounts, singing, whistling, as well as murmuring as said by Google.

As of now, it was just accessible on IOS in English. On Android murmuring was accessible more than 20 dialects as the organization plans to grow these capacities to more dialects per delivery. It has come up with an integrated approach to Machine Learning. Hence Machine learning is going to expand more and more in terms of their technological advancement in the years to come.


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